Patented Fall Prevention Sandals (Made in Japan)

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Patented Fall Prevention Sandals which can be worn without hands and bending over. Made in Japan.

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In recent years, hospitals recommend patients to wear shoes with the function to hold heels (not traditional slip-on which causes falls or slip-out), aiming to avoid the risk of falling in the facilities.

By our research, many patients, in fact, tends to wear larger size shoes and stepping-on the heels. These are tendencies seen by those who have difficulties wearing shoes with their own shoes. For example, after hip-joint replacement surgery, the joint cannot be flexed and it will be very difficult for hands to reach the foot of the surgical side. Rheumatism, handicapped persons and hemiplegia, and patients who have difficulties in maintaining bod- balance have the same tendencies. Also for women during pregnancy and post-partum with children, it is difficult to wear shoes without being cautious.

In order to reduce above risks to make safer environments, we have developed “fall-prevention slip-on” which can be worn without using hands.

-Size: SS (21.0 to 22.5cm), S (22.5 to 24.0cm), M (24.0 to 25.5cm), L (25.5 to 27.5cm), LL (27.5 to 29.0cm)

-Materials: Main body (PVC, PU, nylon), Bottom-sole (EVA)

-Patent: 5307998

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S (22.5 – 24.0cm), M (24.0 – 25.5cm), L (25.5 – 27.5cm), LL (27.5 – 29.5cm) (Black Only)


Black, Brown with White Edges


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